Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introduction to Romantic Gypsy

A Romantic Gypsy is a woman of substance struggling to find her way and leave her mark in this world. She is truly complex, has a heart of gold, loves deeply whether it is her man, her children or her pets, she hates math but loves a fault!

Her wardrobe and her adventures will be the main topic of this never know where the road may follow us and see.

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  1. *Angelina Jolie* is thought to be the person who will portray Cleopatra in the remake of the movie, made famous by Elizabeth Taylor. But, Brad as Mark Antony....I don't think so!
    Who do you see as playing the part...made famous by Richard Burton...???

    A Romantic Gypsy's descent from Cleopatra ~ was legendary.
    Cleopatra is imagined as a dark Egyptian, though in fact she was of Greek descent. She describes herself as tanned by the sun of Egypt. The gypsies were thought to have come from Egypt. Their name is a shortened form of Egyptian.

    "I know not who could escape the sweet gypsies, whose fascinating powers are so much aided by our own raised imaginations" . . .