Friday, July 16, 2010

Fall for Romantic Gypsy Style

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  1. This set is awesome....exactly what I picture a *Romantic Gypsy* to wear.
    Love the little vintage beaded purse hanging from the frame..unique...and *so me*...LOL! I only have one of those purses in my boutique. It comes with an equally vintage picture frame...adorned with the most beautiful of vintage ancient jewels. It is *pricey* because there is a amethyst brooch that I paid $200 for in 2006 (circa 1930) attached to the top of the small ornate Italian convexed glass frame (also circa 1930). It is part of what I call a...*Vintage Vignette*. Placed on a medium mirrored tray, along with some French lace gloves, some love letters, a cluster of satin roses, and a tea cup.

    My favorite thing to handmake and sell...